CenturyArks Co., Ltd. is a group of engineers with a passion for "MONOZUKURI" (manufacturing). Our group of highly skilled engineers plans and develops leading-edge technologies centered on high-function camera modules. Based on the knowledge and expertise we have accumulated, we respond to the wide range of business needs of our customers not only domestically but also overseas, and provide solutions for various situations such as business expansion, new business development, and environmental contribution.
By aiming to be a company that contributes to the development of our customers as well as to the creative progress of society, all of our executives and employees will make every effort to achieve results that will earn the trust and satisfaction of our customers.

 President, Takeshi Saito



We will always anticipate the needs of society and contribute to the development of society as an attractive company with unique value.


We will strive to develop the skills of each and every one of our employees in order to realize the growth of the company and the happiness of our employees and their families.


We will strive for mutual prosperity over the long term with all people who are involved with us.

Company Data

Company NameCenturyArks Co., Ltd.
PresidentTakeshi Saito
Address3-13-1 Nishi-Azabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Number of employees 25
  • PresidentTakeshi Saito
  • Vice PresidentHikaru Sato
  • DirectorTakumi Sato
  • Outside DirectorHitoshi Nishida
  • Managing Executive OfficerYoshinobu Oka
  • Executive OfficerManabu Furuya
  • Executive OfficerKenji Kuroki
  • Corporate AuditorYasuhiro Oda
Description of BusinessDevelopment and manufacturing of electronic devices and peripherals / Development and contract manufacturing
Sales of electronic devices and peripheral materials, software products, and cloud services
Business consultation and supports
Server installation work, call center, cloud services, maintenance and management operations
Trading company functions Trade and physical distribution

Corporate History

1993Focused on textile industry, electronics design and development, manufacturing industry, semiconductor design and development, and manufacturing industry Established Amusement Time Co.
2014Changed the company name to CenturyArks Co., Ltd. and reorganized the business into the current one.
2017Opened Hiroshima Office.