Features of SilkyEvCam GenX320 4x5 (Camera module)

  • Module Effective Pixels: 320(H) x 320(V)
  • Equipped with PROPHESEE event-based vision sensor
  • Interface: Parallel, I²C, SPI
  • Small data volume, High-speed sensing (minimum temporal resolution 1µsec)
  • Wide dynamic range
  • Multiple power modes reduce power consumption
  • Frame rate can be changed after recording
  • No motion blur
  • Minimized with Flip Chip mounting technology

Shooting a USAF chart displayed on the LCD

In a 30 msec period, areas that changed brightly and displayed in white, and areas that changed darkly are displayed in blue.

Learn more about event-based vision camera, go to the "What is an event-based vision camera?" page. 

Videos captured by SilkyEvCam (VGA) and HD can be found on the "SilkyEvCam sample videos" page.

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    SilkyEvCam GenX320 4x5
Event-Based Vision sensor Model


Image size Type 1/5 “ (Diagonal 2.85mm)
Module effective pixels 320 (H) x 320 (V) 
Pixel size 6.3μm x 6.3μm
Output Interface  Configurable 8-bit parallel output interface
  I²C and Four-wire serial peripheral interface
Camera Power supply 2.5V / 1.8V / 1.1V
Dynamic range >120dB
Operating temperature 0~+60℃
Storage temperature -20~+85℃
Current consumption Approx. 3~5mA (Active.) ※provisional figure
Dimensions/Weight 4x5x3.5mm (head), 7x10x1.1mm (connector) / 0.13g
Raw formats EVT2.1/EVT3.0
Lens Focal length 1.498mm
Aperture F3.2
Image circle 2.4mm
FOV (D) 65deg
Threads Without threads (Fixed lens focus position)

(*) DR >120 dB can be reached based on low light cutoff measurement being: 0.08 lux (imaging characteristics not guaranteed).

Software ToolKit

The software toolkit ”METAVISION® INTELLIGENCE Suite" provided by PROPHESEE is available free of charge for processing the data acquired with this camera module (raw data). "Metavision® Intelligence Suit" includes a wide rage of basic libraries, algorithms, and practical sample probes for working with event-based vision camera data.

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