Event-based vision camera captures motions.

Traffic situation on the road in the daytime (HD)

The SilkyEvCam screen shows only moving cars, motorcycles, and pedestrians; it does not show motionless roads and buildings, etc. This is a clear example of one of the features of Event-based vision camera.

Traffic situation on the road at night (HD)

Conventional camera cannot capture dark-colored vehicles clearly, but SilkyEvCam can capture them clearly. Pedestrians walking in the shadows are also clearly captured.


Object tracking (HD)

The system detects and tracks objects moving on the road. Multiple algorithms are available depending on the target you wish to track, so that you can start to use them.

Visualization of water flow (VGA)

The water flow is visualized by adding particulates to the water in the tank and capturing their reflected light with an event-based camera (SilkyEvCam VGA). The direction, length, and color of the arrows clearly show the complex flow of water that is difficult to see in conventional camera images.

Slow Motion

Raindrops falling on the glass (HD)

You can create several different frame rate videos from the Raw data. At higher frame rates, numerous fine splashes can be seen, and they are flying far more than we expected.

Raindrops falling in a puddle (HD)

At a normal playback speed, the water appear to be splashing on the surface of the water, but in slow playback speed, you can see the ripples created by the raindrops. SilkyEvCam can create videos with changed frame rate after shooting, not the concept of "slow motion shooting"

Raindrops falling from leaves (HD)

The video shows raindrops falling from the tip of leave. With SilkyEvCam, it is possible to shoot for a long time, making it easy to make slow-motion images of events that could happen at any time.

Scenery of a town in the rain (HD)

By increasing the frame rate, you can see how each raindrop falls.

Rubber bands shot from a toy rubber gun (HD)

In a video taken with a conventional camera, the flying rubber bands cannot be distinguished at all. With SilkyEvCam in a normal speed, you can see the shape of the flying and bouncing rubber bands.

Gas sprayed from a spray can (HD)

The gas sprayed from the spray can go straight at the beginning of spray, but start to spread on the way, and hit a wall, and then spread along the wall.

Lighter ignition (HD)

Even a lighter that lights up in an instant, when viewed in slow motion, we can discover that many things (phenomenon) happen to lead to ignition.

Water injection from syringe (part2) (HD)

The video shows a water stream of approximately 1 mm in diameter injected from a syringe. SilkyEvCam can create videos with changed frame rate after shooting. In this video, 0.02 seconds of the phenomenon is shown in slow motion video at 10000 FPS and 100000 FPS.

Cutting aluminum plate using milling cutter (HD)

The flying shavings that occur during cutting of an aluminum plate are captured by an event-based camera (SilkyEvCam HD). The rotation of the drill and the flying trail of shavings are clearly visible.

Sudden heavy rain and thunder. We pointed the SilkyEvCam at the sky. (HD)

The lightning strike occurred just after the bird flew in the rain. At the normal frame rate (30FPS), the lightning trails were not visible, but as we increased the frame rate, it was able to capture the beautiful lightning streaking across the sky.

Moment of a golf iron shot (HD)

A golf iron impact was captured by an event-based camera (SilkyEvCam HD) and then a 100,000 FPS video was made. The dimples on the golf ball are also clearly visible.


Water flowing over the rails (HD)

We shooted water flowing over the rail as if it is the flow of a river. In a video taken with a conventional camera, the flow of transparent water cannot be seen clearly, but with SilkyEvCam, you can clearly see the flowing water. You can also see the water overflowing in front of the rail.

Bubble counting (HD)

The tube submerged in an aquarium has three holes, large, medium, and small. Air bubbles are coming out of them. The bubbles are captured and counted by an event-based camera (SilkyEvCam HD).