The IMX378 specification supports RAW/12/10/8 output image formats. Can you provide documentation on the register settings for each output format? Also, is it possible to change the clock settings?

Please contact us at for the specifications of the register setting information, as we need to conclude an NDA.
For the clock system settings, user setting is difficult because there are some registers that are not disclosed by the sensor manufacturer as well as specialized knowledge.
The register setting information file for each mode* is available at the following website. *Refer to the link on the right for the list

Sample/CA378-AOIS/RegisterSettings at master · centuryarks/Sample · GitHub

C program examples. Contribute to centuryarks/Sample development by creating an account on GitHub.

If you would like to request register configuration files for other modes, please contact us at ca-qa@centuryarks.comまで and let us know which mode you would like.