Camera module "CA378-AOIS" now supports Raspberry Pi OS Debian version 12 (bookworm) !

November 27, 2023

Along with the announcement of the Raspberry Pi 5, a new Raspberry Pi OS, Bookworm, was announced.

With Raspberry Pi 4 and 5, it is possible to output images through ISP under the new camera driver "libcamera". Image quality parameters such as shading correction and color matrix correction have been optimized. By launching the Demo app, you can change AE, AWB, AF, OIS, etc. on the GUI and check the image.

The environment is easy to evaluate, so please give it a try.

Sample picture, 12M AE(Spot) AWB AF 850lux 430mm Macbeth

For the details of the camera module, please click here:
There are a few sample movies.
Camera module - CenturyArks Co., Ltd.

For the details of download information, please click here:
Download - CenturyArks Co., Ltd.

Download page for the camera module

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